This year was another beautiful weekend in Athens County riding Toms Trillium Tour.  A large group of 18 club members enjoyed the weekend that concluded with a perfect morning for the Athens Half Marathon.  

Jim O'Connor shared some thoughts about the weekend that embodies the spirit of CTC.

Bigger & growing group – the group grew in size and diversity! It is kind of an unofficial kick off to outdoor riding season.  Plus, there is flexibility for people to do their own thing as well as the group thing.

​New people – I got to meet and interact with many people – people I know from online, but have never met with them.

​The Ride broke up into equal skill groups – Nobody got dropped or had a bad experience. The packs worked well!

​Pre & Post ride tailgating – these are the precious, spontaneous and unplanned things that just happen. It was great to hangout after, and everyone had made special treats for both before & after the ride.

​Gathering as a group before the race (half marathon) – feeling a sense of connection, so great to do a race with that many people you know.

​Fanning and course support – nothing better!!!

​Hanging out with everyone after the race – sharing the sense of mutual accomplishment.

​​The central theme is the fellowship – an immersion experience doing something we all enjoy and getting to interact, and share that experience with everyone. It is fun to grow relationships deeper every year.