ctc board members

CTC is all about its members, but it takes a dedicated group of individuals to make the club run.  Though it's a labor of love, lots of hard work goes into keeping CTC active and vibrant twelve months of the year.  We would like to introduce you to those individuals who for the 2016 Membership Year are serving on the CTC Board.  We also think it important to highlight those people who have stepped up in a major way and served CTC as Past Presidents

President  - Ginny Fitz

I started doing triathlons in 2011, having been a runner and cyclist for many years.  As a newbie I joined CTC, and felt an immediate connection to the sport and the people, so I was hooked.  My first 70.3 was REV3 Cedar Point in 2012, and I was overwhelmed with all of the CTC’ers and support out there on the course.  I qualified for Olympic distance National Championships in Milwaukee, WI, as well as Duathlon National Championships.  I also do marathons, and I’m training for my first 140.6 Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June 2014 with my fiancé, Bob Fitz. I’m a Corporate Wellness Consultant, and I try to inspire others to find their inner athlete.

Vice President - Jeff Uzl
In 2009 my life was shaping up to take a different direction as I was facing significant changes in my personal life.  I reconnected with a long lost love of mine, running. It quickly became a stress relief for me and evolved into my first half marathon and then my first marathon.  Somewhere between the two, I got caught up in Triathlon and it has been non-stop since.  I wanted to learn more about the sport and found the Cleveland Triathlon Club. I slapped down my membership fee and couldn't wait to learn how to swim, bike and run faster. Little did I know that CTC would become more than just a resource for training and club discounts. It has provided me some awesome friendships and great memories.  I'm honored to serve on the board and my goal is to help make this club even better than it already is.

Treasurer  -  Marsita MacDonald

I remember watching Ironman Hawaii on television many, many years ago and deciding in that moment that one day I would do a triathlon.  Fast forward to 2008 when I decided to make that a reality.  With no background in swimming, biking or running, I started running, eventually working up to a marathon.  In 2009 I did my first sprint tri.  My focus has since been on Olympic and half iron distances.  My first introduction to CTC was through Rob’s swim classes at Oberlin, where I improved my swimming tremendously and met a lot of great people.  In 2010 I attended CTC’s first ever Tri Camp.  I loved the support, information and good fun that the club provided.  I am super excited to serve as Vice-President and share the knowledge I have learned coming up through the sport as a total newbie.  This year my focus is on off-road triathlon and mountain biking.  When I am not tri-ing, you can find me travelling with my husband in search of great trails and quiet peaks, playing with our dogs or hanging in the kitchen.

Secretary - Melanie Prohaska

My first triathlon was a sprint in 2010 – I never thought that I would ever train or even race long distance. But in 2016, I raced the ‘IronFlood’ (aka IronMan Maryland). I’ve developed a passion for the triathlon community over the past several years – getting involved as a board member and now the Secretary – it has been very rewarding (and challenging at times). I really enjoy giving back to the triathlon community & think that is a big part of a triathlete’s journey.  I have met so many nice & encouraging people in the sport and consider our community my #triathlonfamily. 

Board Member - Mark Durno

I did my first super sprint trithlon in 2004 and have been hooked ever since.  I did primarily short course (sprint/olympic) for the first 3 years.  Since 2008, I've mixed it up between short course, long course, and obstacle course racing.  In the off-season I do a ton of strength training, including traditional weight room work, core focused training, and cross-fit.  I have no strong or weak discipline.  I tend to be good at everything, but great at nothing.  I guess that's why multi-sport is so appealing to me.  I've always been an outspoken champion of an active lifestyle.  My favorite races are the one's I do with other CTC members - the triathlon and running communities really appeal to my personality and interests.  As I enter the next decade of training and racing, I'll be looking for unique events to "tri" and will never slow down!

Board Member - Mike Mayer

You can always spot Mike at CTC events.  He's the one with......the big smile.  And he also happens to have tattoos.  A LOT of tattoos.  The quietest triathlete you may ever meet, Mike is also the friendliest.  If you have a question Mike will either answer it or find someone who has the answer.  All of this is done on a vegan diet. 

Board Member - Natalie Wakulchik

I've been interested in outdoor athletic adventures ever since I can remember, but I didn't run my first sprint triathlon until the summer of 2000. I used the training as part of rehab after my first knee surgery. I had a blast! I swore I'd only ever do sprints and for the first 6 years that's all I did. But like many before me, I ended up wanting more so in 2006 I raced my first olympic distance. I raced my first HIM in 2009 and last summer, I completed IM Louisville. I love this sport! Triathletes tend to be friendly folks - supportive of others, welcoming to newbies and willing to share any information which may be helpful to newer racers. In addition, I've raced in some cool places and met so many awesome friends. Triathlon will definitely be part of my life for years to come.

Board Member - Julie Sadar

This is my 3rd season of tri, and I'm hooked! My best advice is to meet people and get involved! This community is full of such amazing people with a wealth of knowledge, don't be afraid to ask questions! I am always learning! Last season I completed my 1st 2 HIM, Western Reserve and Steelhead, full aquabike at Challenge Cedar Point and Columbus Marathon! This season my goal is Ironman Maryland, yikes! I fit my training in around my atypical work schedule as a home health RN. My goal is to encourage, support and inspire others to dream big and become the best versions of themselves, despite what obstacles they may face! I am honored to serve on the board!


Board Member - Eric Gibb

I restarted my athletic career in 1998 with mountain biking and have expanded to many disciplines since then.  Triathlon is by far my most favorite sport.  If it has two wheels I'll ride it.....I believe in the N+1 rule of bike ownership.  Any place I can lace up my shoes I'll run it.....closer to nature the better.  If there is water I will swim it......wearing a colorful speedo.  I am a computer engineer by day but that only supports my love of being active.  I enjoy being part of the CTC where I can learn, motivate, educate, and enjoy spending time with fellow triathletes. 

Board Member - Joe Pangrace

Primarily a cyclist, I became interested in Triathlon in 2011 and after learning how to swim (at least that's what I thought) in 2012, I was set to compete in my first sprint triathlon. It was at the Clay's Park triathlon that I met a CTC member who convinced me that joining the club would benefit my training – Did he see my times? Should I've felt insulted? When I did join, I found a group of people that are inclusive to all, regardless of age or skill level. At my very first training event I was made to feel right at home by those who attended. That is why I feel it is important for me to welcome new members and to encourage their participation in club training and social events. The Cleveland Tri Club is a strong community of athletes willing to share their knowledge and friendship and I am happy to be a part of it's future growth.

Board Member - Jason Feckler

​I began triathlon in the fall of 2013 where I had a difficult first time, but was hooked like most of us.  In a very short time, the club taught me many things about the sport, tips and tricks, and how to become a better person in general.  I have raced both sprint and Olympic distance races this last year.  My number one love is longer group rides.  For 2015, I plan on doing Musselman half aquabike, some cycling, and some sprints.  I encourage everyone to take some classes and join one of the many training groups through the club, you get a ton out of it! 

Board Member - Heidi Benson

I did my first sprint triathlon in 2004 when I was 14. I was a competitive swimmer growing up and my dad competed in triathlons which sparked my interest in the sport. I did a few more local races in high school, but got more serious about training after college. In 2012 I met some CTC members at the Lorain triathlon and they all seemed very friendly and welcoming. I joined CTC the following year and have learned so much and have made so many friends since then. I did my first half distance at Rev3 in 2013 and first full at Muskoka in 2015-both races had a large group of club members and we had an awesome time! Outside of triathlon, I am a chemist at Sherwin-Williams. I enjoy being active, traveling, and pretty much anything that can be made into a competition. I am very excited and honored to be on the board this year!