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Liquid N' Durance Masters Swimming


Swim Coaching for Endurance Athletes in the Greater Cleveland Area

Liquid N’ Durance COACHED masters swim practices are designed specifically for endurance athletes interested in improving stroke technique, speed & racing strategies. Each workout challenges you to intelligently integrate speed & endurance into your training routines without compromising form & efficiency.  All practices will have a coach on deck and we welcome ALL ABILITY LEVELS! Our Unlimited passes are transferable between locations and you do NOT need to be a member at either facility to participate. DROP-IN whenever/wherever it is convenient for you - no long-term commitment necessary. 
Unlimited Monthly: $49/month - REGISTER ONLINE HERE
Single Drop-In: $10

ABOUT US: The Liquid N' Durance training philosophy is centered around EDUCATING our swimmers on how to be the most EFFECTIVE in their training and at achieving their individual goals. We require a higher level of awareness and critique from our swimmers during each practice and make MATH (metrics) a regular part of their routine! Once our swimmers realize that THEY can control the outcomes by manipulating subtle changes in techniques, tempos and stroke lengths they become empowered to improve! We utilize knowledge and skills from multiple industry leaders and regularly attend certifications and seminars to continue to learn and improve our own coaching skills. TRIATHLON SPECIFIC swimming skills play an integral role in the Liquid N' Durance workout design and training philosophy. ALL adult swimmers, 18 & over, who are interested in time-effective workouts, improving stroke techniques and developing speed are invited to participate with us!

For more information visit the Liquid N' Durance MastersWebsite  or Facebook page.

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