CTC newbies

What is a newbie?  It is a beginner triathlete who wants to learn what to do to train and complete their first triathlon, duathlon, aquabike, or other multisport event. Our Newbie group is the right place to come for information, practice, learning, fellowship, and fun! Special sessions are held during the year to allow new triathletes the opportunity to learn the techniques needed to successfully complete a triathlon and survive the seemingly overwhelming unknowns that pop up during training and racing.  Learn from a certified USA Triathlon Coach and from veteran triathletes the skills you need to compete.  Intimidated by the fast athletes?  We all started out as a newbie at one point and one of the great aspects of CTC is the willingness of veterans to help out the newbies.  You will experience lots of learning at newbie events as well as at any of the regular training events throughout the year.

CTC has a
mentorship program designed to pair newbies with club veterans so they can more easily get involved with club activities. Come check out the programming and you will be happy you did!

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