Open Water Swim topics

June 23rd - Introduction and Awareness

The purpose of the new OWS Topics is to provide some structure to the swims.  Getting comfortable is certainly an important part of OWS but there are also certain skills that can be better developed outside.  Key components like bilateral breathing, sighting and drafting will be covered.

The first important aspect of open water swimming is awareness.  While away from the confines and safety of a pool, being aware of your abilities and surroundings will make sure you have a fun swim. 

Consider current abilities and water conditions.  Are you tired or well rested?  Is the water flat or wavey?  Boat traffic, water temperature, wind direction, incoming weather will all impact your time in the water.

Awareness of your surroundings also includes your fellow swimmers.  Are they close by?  Is anyone struggling?  Who is heading back to shore.  This is no different than riding a bike or running in a group.  The only difference is that the face is in the water and vision is obstructed. 

By being more aware while swimming we become more comfortable in the water and benefit from a better training session.