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Left/Right Sided Breathing

While bi-lateral breathing is highly encouraged there are times when breathing to a single side is either beneficial or the only option.

Bad weather could generate waves from a certain side....and you don't want to be taking a breath when a wave is smacking you in the face. 

Since we swim in the early morning the sun may be right above the horizon and you don't want to be staring into the sun with each breath.

A fellow swimmer may also be generating some chop and breathing to the opposite side will give you fresh air.

These are three of the most popular reasons to breath on one side versus the other.  Like everything else swimming is all about technique.  When we breath on one side we loose our balance in the water.  A conscious effort must be made to keep the balance, remain symmetrical, with each stroke. 

If you consistently breath on one side you need to practice breathing on the opposite side, and bi-laterally, so you have options while in the water.