Henk stock

Tell us a little about yourself outside of triathlon.

A true Belgian living the dream in NE Ohio with his wife and 3 daughters.​

How did you get involved in the sport?
I was at a party with some friends who were doing the Bellefaire Biathlon

the next morning.  I showed some interest and was snickered at.

The next morning, after finishing my morning cigarette, I showed up an a

fender bike with a borrowed helmet and a pair of sneakers I just bought.

I finished and wasn’t last.


What’s your favorite local race?
Greater Cleveland Triathlon, Mickey is a class act.

What does your race schedule look like for 2016?
I have been battling an ankle injury all spring/early summer. I hope to recover some of the lost season by trying to just finish Ironman Ohio 70.3 (woefully underprepared) and  get enough base to have fun at a late season sprint

Do you have long term goals in triathlon?  What are they? 

I want to finish a true “Ironman” brand race and get called out by Mike Reilly.  I would also like to go sub 6 in a Half IM.

What’s your favorite training route?

A loop starting in Aurora, over to Solon, through the Cleveland Metroparks to Summit Bike and Hike Trail, Portage Bike Trail over to Ravenna.  It's about 70-80 miles. I refer to it as “bliss”.

What is your favorite post-race treat?

A bath tub......then anything with alcohol in it.

​What is one random fact we wouldn’t know about you?
I am never cold, however I don’t do well in heat at all.

What is your favorite triathlon/race moment?
Crossing the causeway on the way to the finish of my first full distance tri at Challenge Sandusky,

The darkness was soothing.


What is the toughest workout you have ever done?
A 109/9 brick in 90 degree weather. The last 4 miles on the run were more like a crawl.

Do you have any tri “words of wisdom”
You can get serious in training and racing but enjoy race day.

Nutrition strategy?
You can't out-train your diet, trust me I'm still trying.

Mental approach to the sport?
One of the biggest enjoyments is to be at a start line and feel like you deserve to be there.

What is your favorite thing about the triathlon/multi-sport lifestyle?
The people, they are so friendly and supporting. Hopefully once my kids are raised I can do some more of the group style workouts and such.