Shannon and Jason byers

Tell us a little about yourself outside of triathlon.

SB:  I am a mom of 3 girls ages 7,10,11. Our girls keep us busy with
Competitive Gymnastic competitions. I am full time Nurse at

Rainbow Babies and Childrens in the Pre/Post Operative department

and occasionally at the Hillcrest Peds ER.

JB:  I am a tool and die maker that makes jet engines. I have three

brothers, three crazy daughters and my great wife. I love to do

anything outside any time of the year. We travel all over doing

triathlons and going to our daughters gymnastics meets

How did you get involved in the sport?
SB:  I started off just wanting to run a 5k back in July 2013.

Jason laughed at me since I’ve never been a “runner”! Then he

came to cheer me on and realized he wanted to race too. From there we signed up for a half marathon. This lead Jason to the idea of triathlons. I said there’s no way because I don’t know how to swim. By the next year 2014, I started taking swim lessons with Coach Tim Edwards and never looked back!

JB:  ​Once our kids started to become more self dependent and I reached a whopping 197 pounds, I decided to lose weight and did not want to just run and I already liked to bike.

What is one specific challenge being a triathlon couple?

SB:  Time! We have to decide who gets to train while the other one runs around after the kids!

JB:  Finding time for both of us to train and take the kids where they need to be with their sports.

Do you train together?

SB:  Sometimes. Swim and bike is okay but running gets frustrating.

JB:  Sometimes we try to do one workout together a week.

What is your favorite piece of equipment? 
SB:  Garmin 920xt

JB:  My bikes.

What’s your favorite local race?
SB:  HFP Portage Lakes

JB:  HFP Series races because there all at state parks.

What does your race schedule look like for 2016?
SB:  70.3 MusselMan

JB:   As of right know Cleveland Half Marathon, a couple of Sprint and Olympic races, Musselman Half followed by Cedar Point Rev3 Half.  It all depends upon if my sport hernia holds up.  I'm debating on calling it a season and just getting surgery or try to finish out season.

Do you have long term goals in triathlon?  What are they? 

SB:  Waiting to see how the 70.3 MusselMan goes! Then will go from there.

JB:  Keep getting better and hopefully race in Kona one day.

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at a race?
:  Started running with my Helmet still on! Turned around to put it back..first race. (We have all seen or done this one)

JB:  First race ever did was a sprint at portage lakes with no swim training or coaching got out of water light
headed and legs like jello could barely make it up the hill to transition.

​What is one random fact we wouldn’t know about you?
:  I love to make digital scrapbooks for my girls.

JB:  I love nature and am fascinated by the ocean.

What is your favorite triathlon/race moment?
SB:  Coming in first place at the Portage Lakes Sprint Tri.

JB:  Every time I cross the finish line.


What is the toughest workout you have ever done?
Probably a long ride leading up to Ironman. I would often follow the emerald necklace around Cleveland. 8 or 9 hours solo with no support is a tough day. My long days on the handcycle are very hard. I imagine once I start doing century rides, I will know a new pain.

What is your favorite thing about the triathlon/multi-sport lifestyle?
SB:  Staying active and a being good role model for our girls and of course the thrill of the competition.

JB:  Going to different places meeting all new people and just living a healthy life style.