Virgil Wallace

Tell us a little about yourself outside of triathlon.

I'm a husband,father of 4 ages 20,18,9,and 1.  I work as reo contractor

maintaining and rehabbing properties for banks and investors.  Outside

of work I enjoy all things outdoors fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking,

and traveling.

How did you get involved in the sport?
​I wanted to challenge myself to do something different besides running

and I thought that since I was a good swimmer I would be great at

triathlon boy was I wrong


What’s your favorite local race?
Gallop Run 5k

What does your race schedule look like for 2016?
HFP Racing at Portage Lakes

Do you have long term goals in triathlon?  What are they? 

In a year or two I want to do a half iron then maybe a full.  But for now the half is my main goal

What’s your favorite training route?

Towpath in Valley View

What is your favorite post-race treat?

Beer and wings

​What is one random fact we wouldn’t know about you?
I love growing things in my garden

What is your favorite triathlon/race moment?
Finishing my first open water swim (OWS) at Clay's Park


What is the toughest workout you have ever done?
Power lifting for my max weight

What is your favorite thing about the triathlon/multi-sport lifestyle?
Learning new things and meeting new people involved in the sport. I believe competing is exciting because you never know what race day conditions will be.