olympic sponsor - Sweat X

Sweat X™ Sport Detergent is an industry leading

sports laundry detergent that is specifically

formulated to remove even the toughest sports

stains and odors from active wear and technical

fabrics. With its ultra-thin formula and tiny strands

of bursting nano bubbles, the detergent lifts and

removes embedded sweat beads from fabric’s

pores, therefore actually removing odors not just

masking them. Sweat X™ also excels at

removing all sports stains like mud, grass, clay,

dirt, and blood from clothing and equipment.

Sweat X Sport is 100% biodegradable and 100%

non-toxic with no adverse dermal impacts.

Its nearly neutral pH makes it safe to use not

only on active wear, but on all types of fabrics. 

Sweat X Sport can be used in all types of washing

machines, even High Efficiency. One 45 oz.

bottle will wash up to 45 loads of laundry.

MRSA, STAPH, and Acne Causing Bacteria Removal: During independent testing, Sweat X Sport removed and eliminated nearly 99% of all bacteria that causes MRSA, STAPH, and acne in standard washes, which result was substantially better than that achieved by Tide Sport. The scientific reason behind this is that Sweat X’s nano based, proprietary cleaning molecule works to completely exfoliate the active wear garments and extract harmful bacteria from them.