Open Water Swim topics

Swim training shouldn't be reserved for the pool.  And open water swimming shouldn't only be going back and forth in the lake.  Enhance your open water swim training with these focal points while in the water.  This summer each Monday OWS will feature a brief discussion about a specific topic to focus on during the swim.  These topics are designed to help you feel more comfortable in the open water and be ready for many conditions. 

These are simply topics to focus on during your open water swim.  To learn more about how to properly execute these techniques contact one of the club sponsors for in-depth instruction.

Liquid Lifestyles

North Coast Endurance Coaching

6/23 - Intro to topicss and Awareness while swimming

6/30 - I Can See For Miles - Sighting in open water

7/7 - Bipartisan Breathing

7/14 - Conservative and Liberal Breathing

7/21 - Wolf Pack

7/28 - Draft Day

8/4 - Excuse Me - Swimming in Traffic 1

8/11 - Catch Me If You Can - Swimming in Traffic 2

8/18 - Mystery Swim

8/25 - TBD

9/1 - TBD

9/8 - TBD

9/15 - TBD