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The Sofka Group - Global Wealth Management

Mike Sofka and his group, The Sofka Group at Merrill Lynch, are happy to be 140.6 sponsors this year. The group works with successful triathletes in planning and managing all aspects of your financial life, from your bill pay to your mortgage to your investments, but more importantly your financial plan. Mike will provide a free financial review for any CTC member.

We are a five-person wealth management advisory team located in Crocker Park – Westlake, Ohio. The cornerstone of our team is to provide a customized strategy for each of our clients, who are predominantly affluent private investors, business owners, and corporate executives – and their families. We strive to develop deep relationships with our clients, built on trust, in an effort to better help understand their short and long term goals. We pride ourselves on facilitating conversations that allow us to truly understand your personal aspirations and the lifestyle you choose to embrace.

We advise clients on financial strategies, trust and estate planning services, retirement planning/strategies, assisting clients with the distribution options of their employer sponsored or retirement plan assets and cash management. Additionally, we also provide access to banking services and lending services for both home and business use. These services are offered through our relationship with Bank of America, N.A.

With over 70 years of experience, we understand our clients will experience several economic and market cycles during their life time. Accordingly, our group has a proven disciplined process that focuses on risk management through diversification and allocation strategies, which seek to take advantage of these situations as they arise.

Our Commitment to you:

Our most deeply held principle at Merrill Lynch is that the client must come first, and our team is proud to be part of that tradition. To help you achieve your financial goals and build your wealth, we first listen to your personal goals, and then offer effective approaches to achieve them. At Merrill Lynch we have a wide range of resources, including long term planning experience, investment strategies, first rate research, best in class technology, all of which we utilize to help you achieve your goals.

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