Cleveland Triathlon Club

Upcoming Races

09/28/2019 Akron Marathon
06/16/2019 Maumee Bay Triathlon
06/01/2019 2019 Mohican 100 Mile/100K MTB Race OMBC
05/19/2019 Cleveland 13.1 (1/2 marathon)
04/28/2019 Hall of Fame marathon

Past Races

11/10/2018 Salt Fork Challenge 10.4 miles trail race 2:08
09/29/2018 Akron Marathon 2:05
06/17/2018 Maumee Bay Triathlon 1:37

Brent Dube

Norton, Ohio

Bucket List RaceREV3
Post-Race Drinkwater

Been a half marathoner and did tris for a couple years until our group split up. Love trail running but have had back issues so more swimming these days.

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