Cleveland Triathlon Club

Past Races

12/31/2018 2018 Great New Years Eve Race 18
11/10/2018 Hot Cider Hustle 65
10/13/2018 Viking Dash Trail Run 14
09/01/2018 Celebrate Westlake 5 mile run 3
08/25/2018 Unicorn Gallop 5K 2
07/14/2018 Lakewood Summer Meltdown 57
06/27/2018 Full Moon Trail Series #1 36
06/14/2018 NASA Glenn 100 Year Relay 9:15
05/25/2018 Down & Dirty Trail Race 55
04/25/2018 Earthday Race 16
03/17/2018 Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Run 76
02/17/2018 Bay Village Snowball Run 73
01/20/2018 Hermes Garage Sale 3

Samantha Husted

Lakewood, Ohio

Bucket List RaceI really want to do a open water race!
Post-Race DrinkBeer (Shandy) or Blue Frost Gatorade

I was a distance swimmer and soccer player in HS and a varsity lacrosse player in college. Now I fill my time with Crossfit, gymnastics, swimming, and running. I occasionally do jiu jistu and yoga. This year I made it a goal to run one race a month and it was a blast! I have done 1 sprint distance triathlon and look forward to getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things in 2019.

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