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Past Races

09/30/2018 Deer Creek Fall Challenge
Race Recap
AG 2/5, OAF 10/31 (top 35%)
09/09/2018 Portage Lakes
Race Recap
AG 4/7, OAF 13/53 (top 25%)
08/19/2018 Vermillion Harbour Triathlon AG 1/1, OAF 7/27 (top 25%)
08/12/2018 USAT Age Group National Championships (Sprint) AG 45/67 (bottom 35%), OAF 422/775 (top 50%)
06/24/2018 MingoMan Triathlon AG 7/13 (top 50%), OAF 21/72 (top 30%)
05/20/2018 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon / Half Marathon AG 61/114 (top 50%)
04/28/2018 Mini derby 1/2 marathon AG 97/706 (top 15%), OAF 569/4792 (top 10%)

Ashley Hartman

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Main FocusShort Course
Bucket List RaceFull Ironman
Off-Day ActivityReading, listening to podcasts, spending time with loved ones

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Hartman. I live with my husband and fellow CTC-er in Cleveland Heights. I have been in Northeast Ohio since 2010 and before then have lived in Toledo (Perrysburg!), Columbus, New Mexico, Kentucky (twice!), Missouri (twice!), Virginia and Michigan. Can you tell I had parents in the military? In addition to sport, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, spending time with loved ones and contributing to my community. My academic background is health promotion and health education. I currently work in community mental health doing outreach and education focusing on teaching people how to support someone else that might be struggling with mental health or addiction. I also manage our gambling treatment program, employee assistance program and training institute.

In regards to sport, I have always loved fitness! In high school I was a runner, and since then have done running races from 2 milers to marathons. Through college I also taught group exercise classes. In 2013 I started dabbling in cycling and four years later started my triathlon journey. My current goal is to gain experience in the sport mainly focusing on short course. I love trying new things and would love to try all different triathlon races! I also hope to try more cycling events and trail/ultra-running. One of my key partners in this journey is Coach Tim and Dietitian Kendra through North Coast Endurance Coaching. Speaking of dietitians, I also each a plant-based diet, somewhere around 85-90% vegan.

You can find me training on the east side and at local races! Say hi, let's be triathlon friends :)

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