Cleveland Triathlon Club

Past Races

09/09/2018 Portage Lakes
08/19/2018 Vermillion Harbour Triathlon 3:05
08/12/2018 USAT Age Group National Championships (Sprint) volunteered
07/13/2018 Double Mussell 7:39 half
06/17/2018 Maumee Bay Olympic Triathlon The run killed me....
06/01/2018 American Triple T idk - but i survived !!
05/11/2018 CTC Camp Good peeps, good hills

Steve Phillips

Akron, United States | a brand new year as a brand new grandpa !

Main Focus
Post-Race Drinkwatered down sports drink.

Met my cousin at the 2010 Homerun for the Homeless - talked me into the MUSF four and a half months later. Guess I caught "the bug" -Racing and meeting other great CTC peeps who have "talked me into" tris local and afar: Racine, CP Rev 3, Barrelman, Haines City, Musselman, TTT, Lemming Proud - thanks Deb !

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