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End of Year Party and Looking to 2022

End of Year Party and Looking to 2022

It was nice to get back together and have the CTC Winter Party.  The last time we were able to gather like this was 2019 at Fatheads in Middleburg Heights where we walked the runway and took many pictures.

For the celebratory return in 2021 we had an Elfin' good time.  Many attendees showed up in their holiday best dressed up as Elves, high society and tacky suits. 

The food and beverage at Wild Eagle was very good and the event space was nice and big for everyone. 

In one corner the Charity Table was selling CTC logo items for $5/each.  Through generous donations and a matching challenge the Charity Table raised $700 for the Animal Protective League of Cleveland.  There will plenty of opportunity to get your hands on additional CTC gear at future events.

Next to the Charity Table was the Fit Kit from DNA Cycling.  The fit kit consists of sizing samples of the technical racing gear the will be ordered during January.  The fit kit will be available at the following locations so everyone can determine the correct size for their racing needs. 

Lakewood Second Sole 12/6 - 12/9

Lyndhurst Second Sole 12/10 - 12/15

Akron Second Sole 12/17 - 12/21

Quite a few other tables were filled with games like "Unwrap the Hershey KISS with toothpicks" and "Unwrap a Present Wearing Oven Mitts".  Thanks to Kristine Urban for coming up with some fun games.

Several announcements were made as well.

Leaving the board at the end of 2021 are Eric Gibb, Barb Thomas, Jennifer Borovica, Anita Schafrik and Michael Smyth.  Each person contributed greatly to the club over the years. 

Joining the CTC board for 2022 will be Jeff Grover and Dr. Lachaka Askew. 

The big announcement is that Scott Frost and Kristine Urban will be Co-Presidents for the next two years.  The ability to "divide and conquer" will allow better focus on certain tasks.  The 2022 board will also be very strong with great ideas coming from veteran and new board members. 

Please welcome and support the CTC Board 2022

  • Scott Frost
  • Kristine Urban
  • Julie Sadar
  • Melissa Braskie
  • Mayra Gonzales
  • Chris Clymer
  • Christian Saine
  • Joanne Seigel
  • Rebecca Friedberg
  • John JC Stouffer
  • Jeff Grover
  • Dr. Lachaka Askew

Several other special mentions at the party.

Sponsors in attendance were Liquid Lifestyles and TriIQ Coaching

Mark Brandt and Dee Boyd represented TriCLE and Kids That Tri

James Libecco was presented the Ironman Tri Club Podium award for Ironman Musselman

Mark Durno was presented wtih the Ironman Tri Club Podium award for Ironman Indiana

Thanks to all the attended the party. The board had fun putting it together and were happy we were able to meet fellow club members and reminisce about the 2021 season. 

Looking forward to a wonderful 2022.

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