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Triathlon and Time Management, by Jeff Grover - CTC Board Member

Triathlon and Time Management, by Jeff Grover - CTC Board Member

I have found many benefits that come with being a triathlete. Some of these are obvious – improved health, increased energy, higher self-image, meeting new friends… the list goes on. One of the hidden or not so often recognized positive character traits that is often developed through triathlon is our time management skills.

Most people outside of our sport cannot appreciate the immense amount of time that goes into being a triathlete and the decisions and sacrifices we make to be successful. Think about some of the things other than swimming, cycling, and running that consume large amounts of our time: meal prepping, laundry, travel time to your next workout, bike maintenance, training plans, hydration and nutrition plans, yoga, foam rolling, weight training, etc. These are just a few of the things that all add up as extra hours during the week that we need to fit into our lives in addition to the 8-16 hours of actual swimming, cycling, and running.

Now add in our jobs, our spouses, children, grandchildren, pets, board meetings, vacations - and how about time to rest? How in the world do we get it done? It’s simple, our decision to succeed at triathlon drives us. We find time to fit it all in. We start our day between 4:00-5:00AM and plan every minute of the day to make sure we are making the most of it. I call it squeezing every drop of juice out of the orange. We have a plan for the next day when we go to bed at night. We become better time managers.

As we head into race season, I encourage you all to work on your planning and time management skills. I think you will find yourself being more successful at all areas of your life and that you and others in your life will be happy you did.

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