Cleveland Triathlon Club

Thank you and Best Wishes!

Sunday, December 8th marked my last Board meeting as President of the Cleveland Triathlon Club.  It has been an honor to serve all of you and it has been a pleasure to work side by side with such a fantastic group of people over the years.  While a new CTC president has not been named for 2020, the current board has decided that a leadership committee will lead the Board and CTC through 2020.  During our final meeting of 2020 we added some fantastic people to the Board.  I will leave the announcement of the new board members to the leadership committee and I’m sure you’ll have a list early next year.  Bottom line, I feel comfortable leaving the helm of CTC to the new leadership and I truly believe CTC will continue to positively evolve under their guidance.

What’s next for me? My goal is to refocus my training and build a robust triathlon race schedule.  As some of you know, I also enjoy sailing and I am exploring singlehanded solo racing through the Great Lakes Singlehanded Society. I have my eye on the 312 mile Lake Erie Solo Challenge which would require me to non-stop solo sail the length of Lake Erie from the west near Monroe, MI to a turnaround point in the east near Buffalo, NY and finishing in Erie, PA.  Last, but most important Judie and I will be tying the knot in May of 2021. 

I wish all of you good luck in your races and I hope you all accomplish the goals you set out to tackle. Have a joyous holiday season and happy and healthy New Year. 

Best wishes,


CTC President 2018-2019

CTC Vice-President 2016-2017

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