Cleveland Triathlon Club

Triathlon Swimming Training Opportunity

Triathlon Swimming Training Opportunity

The Cleveland Triathlon Club has partnered with 140.6 club sponsor, Liquid Lifestyles, to bring you a custom program to help you develop or improve your triathlon swimming technique during the off-season. This custom program is adapted from their proven Freestyle Fundamentals and Advanced Freestyle curriculum. In addition to the core content from those courses, the series will also cover triathlon specific skills including: open water sighting techniques, drafting skills, buoy turns, dealing with open water anxiety, deep water treading, dolphin diving, and entry/exit strategies. Athletes who complete the class will leave with the knowledge and skills required to continue to improve their technique and most will be able to “graduate” to Liquid ‘N Durance or other local master’s programs.

Cost to current Cleveland Triathlon Cub members is $100 (with $249 OFF Coupon Code). Coupon code can be found by logging into the Cleveland Triathlon Club’s website.

The class will be on Sunday’s from 9:00 - 10:30 AM at the Brooklyn Rec Center (7600 Memphis Ave., Brooklyn, Ohio 44144) for eight consecutive sessions beginning on January 5th concluding on February 23rd. Registration is capped at 30 participants. There are no refunds or make-ups for missed classes.

Full details and online registration:


Can swim 100 yards continuously (any stroke) 
Comfortable underwater and in deep water

PRIMARY FOCUS: Technique Awareness and Proficiency

Develop proper Freestyle techniques with focused drill progressions and whole-stroke practice
Increase efficiency and speed through improved balance, length, rotation and timing
Translate rotational power into forward motion and define specific stroke timing techniques for the Exit, Recovery, Entry, Catch & Pull
Integrate bi-lateral rhythmic breathing techniques and timing
Heightened body awareness and self-critique
Effectively integrate rhythmic propulsion, speed and endurance without compromising form and efficiency
Skill refinement and advanced drill progressions related to rotation, lead arm drive, catch and breathing mechanics
Learn functional dynamics and timing of the 2-beat & 6-beat kick
Improved pacing: swim walk, swim jog, swim run & swim sprint
Introduction to Swimming Metrics: Tempo, Strokes per Length, Distance Per Stroke, LT Test & Pacing

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