Cleveland Triathlon Club

Cleveland Tri Club and COVID-19

Cleveland Tri Club and COVID-19

With cases of COVID -19  (coronavirus) surfacing in Ohio and close to home, CTC is paying close attention to how this may impact our membership.  We are not medical experts and, just like you, are following the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, State and Local authorities.  We also review any statements from our governing body USA Triathlon.  Links below are for your reference.

Of immediate concern for CTC are social events and group training.  For the month of March we will take into consideration the following events:

March 14th - St. Malachi Run - specifically volunteers should follow best practices for handling of food and other items while interacting with runners and the general public.  wear gloves and use hand sanitizer when possible.

March 19th - Masthead Social - This will depend upon if Masthead is closed for some reason.

March 22nd - New to Tri Swim Clinic - As more colleges and universities close the organizers of the Swim Clinic will be in touch with Cleveland State University about the status of the pool

Overall, do what you feel are the best methods to keep yourself and family safe.  Read the information from the websites below.  Be armed with appropriate information.

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