Cleveland Triathlon Club

Four Days Later - COVID-19

Four days. So much has occurred across the nation, within Ohio and throughout Northeast Ohio since the message below was first written. We continue to take guidance, not matter how hard to accept, from our government leaders and scientific experts. We worry about our loved ones whom we may not be able to see due to isolation protocols, social distancing and the call to provide care to those who need it most.


CTC is a huge family that has grown together over the years. A family that has repeatedly shown such deep caring and compassion for one another that to leave the family for some is not possible. Lasting friendships has pulled us closer together during hard times.


By far this is the most difficult time CTC has ever seen. Races are being cancelled. Training is becoming difficult due to closure of facilities. We are being told to isolate when we rely upon each other for motivation to get out that door and run some miles, swim some yards and pedal our bikes. Now more than ever we don't need to come together...we want to come together. We want to continue to support each other. We want to hear about accomplishments and breakthroughs. Flood our Facebook group with positive messages to help us stay motivated and cheerful. If you are not on Facebook share your stories by e-mail to and we will get the message out.


The Board of CTC is committed to the club. You will be hearing from us more over the next couple of week about how we can continue to support each other in our multi-sport lifestyle. Keep your ears and eyes open for updates. For now ALL MARCH CTC EVENTS ARE CANCELLED. April events are tentative. Beyond that we can't say right now.

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