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Living in a COVID world....for triathletes.

Living in a COVID world....for triathletes.

The views expressed below are mine.  You can share them or believe in them or ignore them.  Fine with me.  But when I have plenty of time to train alone I do a lot of thinking.  And I like to share my thoughts with the club because that's what Presidents do, right?

We didn't have much of a tri season this year.  I know the year isn't over yet but mine is.  The last two events I was hoping and praying would happen have been cancelled.  The Sunset Harvest Tri at Alum Creek SP, a deferral from the TriFit Challenge in August, was my last chance to race.  Beyond that the silent dream was USAT Draft Legal Championships in November.  Sunset Harvest is now deferred back to the TriFit challenge...I told him to keep my money.  USAT Draft Legal is pushed to April 2021.  I have a new target date.

I'm jealous and nervous of those that are traveling out of state to race.  Western New York has been having races.  Oklahoma has been racing.  Locally there was a successful Canal Corridor Trail Run and the Burning River 100/50 Trail Race.  It can be done.

USAT has come up with a plan to safely return to multi-sport.  Even Ironman has displayed their plans for safe racing.  But the ultimate decision is not up to USAT or Ironman or Greenswell.  It is the local and state agencies the have the final say.  And we need to be humble and accept the outcome of such much as it may hurt.  And this is when I had an epiphany.

This, the pandemic, is a marathon, not a sprint.  This is an endurance event.  We need to be prepared for the long haul.  And I know we can do this despite the need to wear masks and be socially distant from each other.  Those that know me....I love hugs.  I want to physically touch my friends and let them know I love and care for them.  And when we need this show of support the most.....we can't do it.

We need to look further out towards the horizon.  We hear in the news that a vacine might be in 2021.  That the current safety protocols will be around for a long time.  We can do this.

How many of us have set a date for an Ironman race 12 months in advance?  How many of us have set goals to "be ready" for a certain distance or race YEARS in advance?  We are only 6 month into the COVID-19 pandemic.  Just like a smart training plan...there are no shortcuts.  With proper prep and build-up we arrive at the start line ready to tackle the day ahead.  It doesn't matter if it is your first Sprint or Full distance triathlon.  It doesn't matter if this is your 1st or 50th 5k.  You have arrived after carefully following the training plan and putting in the work. 

Dealing with the pandemic is very similar.  Someone else is laying out the plan.  We just need to do our best to follow the plan so that we all can arrive at the start line, or finish line, safely and in good health. 

Yes 2020 sucks.  It is an unprecedented time (I am really starting to hate the word).  We can all bitch and moan about races being cancelled.  Just remember we are not alone.  We all feel the disappointment. 

But we are ready for it.  Because in a way we have been here before.  We have faced the long struggles.  We just didn't realize what exactly it was preparing us for.

Welcome To The Grind.

Your Club President

Eric Gibb

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