Cleveland Triathlon Club

September Club Challenge

September Club Challenge

With so many members in the club the number of miles swam, biked and ran this year must be amazing.  But do you wonder how many activites do we participate in?  With two-a-day workouts some members can have 12 workouts a week. 

September is the month to see exactly how much work CTC does in a month. 

This is a participatory challenge.  What does that mean?  It means we don't care how far you go, how long you train, how many calories your burn. 

The point it to be active.  Swim, Bike and Run.  And this is low tech.  Click on the web link below and enter in your data.  Yes it is manual with no automatic uploads to or from Garmin, Strava or Training Peaks. 

Each week there will be special ways to get bonus points.

Let's see who the most active people in CTC are.

Labor Day Weekend September 4 - 7 do a triathlon.  Swim, Bike and Run in one day and get three extra bonus points.  Only one triathlon counts for bonus points.

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