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2020 SwimSpa-A-Thon

2020 SwimSpa-A-Thon

Rhythm and Stroke is a Cleveland based company that teaches beginner swimming, infant survival, aqua conditioning and advanced swim techniques.  Rhythm and Stroke has teamed up with Ohio Pools & Spas and The Place to offer a unique way to raise money and provide swim instruction to 100 children and adults.

Now that the lakes are too cold for swimming we are forced back inside to the pools...if they are open or not too crowded.  What better way to swim indoors that in a Swim Spa.  If you have ever wanted to try a Swim Spa this is a great way to do it...and you don't have to swim. 

How does it work?
1. Register online:
2. Gather friends and family to join you and create a team!  - A community team for Cleveland Tri Club has been formed.
3. Gather donations and sponsors - or just make your own donatation for your swim time.
4. Pick an appointment time and location online - Three locations to choose from....Medina, Canton, Mayfield
5. Come Swim, Water walk or Aquacycle - see you don't have to swim.
6. Have Fun! - A great way to be part of a club activity, raise money for a good cause and get in a good workout.

The SwimSpa-A-Thon is open from October 15 - December 30.

The Community team that sponsors the most number of people to learn to swim will WIN $1,000.00 in prizes, including one FREE session of Cryotherapy at NorthCoast Cryo.

Watch the video explaining the SwimSpa-A-Thon and start planning your date with a SwimSpa.

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