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Ironman Updates for Clubs - January 2021

Ironman Updates for Clubs - January 2021

Here is the recap of the message from Andrew Messick.........


  • IM retained 95% of their staff even through the difficult months of March thru August when all race functions were shut down.
  • After August, operations resumed at a marginal level to pre-March.
  • Keeping their staff employed and engaged has helped IM better prepare for 2021 operations.


  • The current state of COVID-19 is worse than it was in the summer of 2020.
  • IM's ability to operate events in 2021 will rely on these primary considerations:
  1. Current state of the virus progression or control
  2. Progress of deploying the vaccine
  3. Local health and public safety restrictions and protocols in race locations
  4. Travel restrictions (both in race locations and where the majority of race participants are traveling from)
  • In summary, IM will continue to do a race by race assessment before making any decisions to move races to a later date this year or defer races to next year.
  • Q1 races are promising for countries that appear to have better control over the virus (New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, etc.)
  • IM is optimistic about races in Q2 as locations get better control of the virus and issuance of the vaccine becomes more prevalent.
  • All races will be planned with alternate dates in mind but the goal is to always strive to execute the race as planned
  • IM will continue to allow registered athletes the option of deferring their race participation to next year if they feel that their personal health and safety may be in jeopardy by attending a race
  • IM remains committed to offering Virtual Races when necessary as an option to keep athletes engaged and to provide them with goals and objectives

NOW is the time for coaches and clubs to engage athletes to continue their training and be RACE READY in preparation for the eventual return to some normalcy with racing events.

Andrew Messick

President & CEO Ironman Group

Post Script:

I believe the message about 2021 is a common thread all across the country and all distances.  I encourage members of CTC to continue your training in a safe and responsible manner.  Our lifestyle is important to our mental and physical health.  Some day we will be able to test ourselves as we race towards an official finish line. 


Be safe and Game On

Eric Gibb


Cleveland Triathlon Club

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