Cleveland Triathlon Club

CTC Facebook Page vs. CTC Facebook Group

CTC Facebook Page vs. CTC Facebook Group

Attention Facebook Friends!  You may have noticed that CTC manages 2 Facebook profiles, the “Cleveland Tri Club” Group and the “Cleveland Triathlon Club – Ohio” Page (  The purpose of the Group ( is to allow members to connect, share, collaborate and engage one another in the sport of triathlon here in Northeast Ohio.  

The purpose of the Page is to establish a profile for our non-profit entity and more importantly, to broadcast or inform our members of CTC information, events, training opportunities and more!  The Page is our “Official” Facebook presence and so we invite all CTC members to like our Page to see and get access to our “Official” info.  In most cases we will copy Page posts to the Group but sometimes we may not.  

On both the Page and Group we encourage members to initiate planned or impromptu training opportunities and invite other CTC members to join you.  To avoid confusion, we ask that you don’t use the name “CTC” or “Cleveland Tri Club” when referring to these opportunities.  We will refer to our CTC events and training opportunities using the CTC names to identify them as “CTC Sponsored” functions which are covered by our insurance and will require participants to follow any stated rules or protocols.

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