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CTC Cleveland Hot List

CTC Cleveland Hot List

Cleveland Triathlon Club

Things To See, Do and Eat In Cleveland


Training Locations


Edgewater Beach - Just minutes from downtown Cleveland, Edgewater Beach is located between the Memorial Shoreway (Route 2) and Lake Erie.  The beach house includes restrooms and concessions.  There is a designated swim area and lifeguards are on duty 11am – 7pm daily.  More info here:

Huntington Beach - Located on Cleveland’s west side in Bay Village, great place to swim or stroll along the beach and take in the beauty of Lake Erie.  More info here:

Columbia Dog Beach – Also located on Cleveland’s west side in Westlake, Cleveland Triathlon Club members swim regularly at 6PM on Mondays and 6AM on Thursdays.  More info here:


Valley View Parkway – Cleveland Triathlon Club members frequent this parkway for their cycling training.  Stretching from the intersection of Detroit and Sloane and traveling southeast through some of the loveliest places in the Cleveland Metroparks, this road offers nearly 25 miles of scenic views.  More info here:

Cleveland Bike Trails - Find the top-rated bike trails in Cleveland, whether you're looking for an easy short bike trail or a long bike trail, you'll find what you're looking for.  More info here:

Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail – More than 87 miles of partially paved and mostly crushed gravel trails from downtown Cleveland to New Philadelphia, OH (south of Akron/Canton).  More info here:

Cleveland Metroparks – Cleveland Metroparks provides over 100 miles of shared-use, paved, all-purpose trails for cycling, walking, running and in-line skating. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the all-purpose trails. Bicycles are permitted on roadways.  More info here:


See Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail or Cleveland Metroparks above.

Hiking & Trail Running

Brecksville Reservation - The largest of the 18 Cleveland Metroparks reservations, offers scenic overlooks and historical landmarks.  More info here:

Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation - The Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation stretches through the villages of Cuyahoga Heights and Valley View and other surrounding communities. The reservation follows a portion of its namesake, the historic 309-mile Ohio and Erie Canal.  More info here:

The Ritchie Ledges - The Ritchie Ledges are witnesses to change - from creation out of Sharon Conglomerate millions of years ago, to landscapes wrecked by humans and to preservation today. The Ledges drew many visitors in the 19th century who came here to recreate and play. One of those, wealthy industrialist Hayward Kendall, purchased the area and set it aside to become the Virginia Kendall Park. Today, the ledges are a favorite for many, to hike, play in the field, and enjoy the sunset at the overlook.  More info here:


There are too many to list here!  Visit for the best of the best!




Gene’s Place - 3730 Rocky River Dr. Cleveland, OH, 44111 | Phone: 216.252.1741


Grumpy’s - 2621 W. 14th St. Cleveland, OH, 44113 | Phone: 216.241.5025


The South Side - 2207 West 11th Street Cleveland, OH, 44113 | Phone: 216.937.2288



Cleveland Breakfast Club - 13228 Shaker Square Cleveland, OH, 44120 | Phone: 216.465.2053


Johnny Mango – 3120 Bridge Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113 | Phone: 216.575.1919


Summer House - 12900 Lake Ave. Unit 2 Lakewood, OH, 44107 | Phone: 216.270.2300


Terrestrial Brewing – 7524 Father Frascati Dr. Cleveland, OH 44102 | Phone: 216.465.9999



Constantino’s Market – 1278 W. 9th St. Cleveland, OH 44113 | Phone: 216.344.0501


The Corner Alley - 402 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH, 44114 | Phone: 216.298.4070


Happy Dog - 5801 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH, 44102 | Phone: 216.651.9474


Heinen’s of Downtown – 900 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115 | Phone: 216.302.3020


Masthead Brewing Co. – 1261 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114 | Phone: 216.206.6176


Slyman’s – 6901 Rockside Rd. Independence, OH, 44131 | Phone: 216.642.0062



Dante Next Door – 2247 Professor Ave. C, Cleveland, OH 44113 | Phone: 216.274.1200


Flying Fig – 2523 Market Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113 | Phone: 216.241.4243


Momocho – 1835 Fulton Rd. Cleveland, OH, 44113 | Phone: 216.694.2122


Parallax - 2179 W. 11th St. Cleveland, OH, 44113 | Phone: 216.583.9999


Phuel Café - 1350 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH, 44115 | Phone: 216.795.5175


Scenic Summer Cocktails

Alley Cat Oyster Bar (in the Flats) - 1056 Old River Rd. Cleveland, OH, 44113 | Phone: 216.574.9999


Bar 32 (Hilton Downtown) – 100 Lakeside Avenue East Cleveland, OH 44114 | Phone: 216.413.5000


Nuevo Modern Mexican & Tequila Bar - 1000 East 9th St Cleveland, OH, 44114 | Phone: 216.737.1000


Sixth City Sailors Club - 668 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH, 44114 | Phone: 216.938.7392


Ice Cream

Mason’s Creamery – 4401 Bridge Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113 | 216.762.1095


Mitchell’s Ice Cream - 1867 West 25th Street Cleveland, OH 44113 | Phone: 216.861.2799


Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop – 6800 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102 | 216.651.2202



Have a great race and enjoy all that Cleveland has to offer!


Eric Gibb, President

Scott Frost, Vice President



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