Cleveland Triathlon Club

No Warm Up Hurt

July 30, 2019 -

 I had such high hopes for this race. My goal was a sub 5hr race and I wouldn't have made that bold goal unless my training was in place for it. I was confident, had my traditional glass of red wine the night before and got to the shuttle busses 5:55am. Expecting a 10-15 minute bus ride, it turned into 45 because of the traffic and the driver's relectancy to use the open/closed lane. By the time I got off the bus, they were closing T#1 and I had to scramble to get the bike items set up and get to the swim start. 

I think zero warm-up contributed to my quads locking up on mile 35 and 50. After the first lock up, I gave up my goal of sub 5hr. After mile 50, i gave up completely and said I would not do the run, how could you with seized legs? At T#2, two shots of pickle juice and some friends encouragement, I decided to try the run, I'm happy to say that I finished it at 840min pace. It was hot but the spectators were amazing!! 

I will return to this race next year to capture what I came down for originally. 

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