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First Olympic triathlon

August 24, 2019 - First Olympic triathlon mental game

 Vermilion was my first Olympic triathlon I am absolutely amazed by how much of mental race this was over a physical race. 

Driving to the venue I was filled with anxiety and excitement at what I was about to do.

As I got ready for the swim to go off I got to laugh with and encourage other newbies. This was a helpful distraction for me.

As I got into the water I had to push back on the thoughts that came why are you doing this? You can stop. That bouy is awfully far away. And then the mental game kicked in and the athlete inside of me said "No, we have trained for this! We can do this!" And then before I knew it I was out of the water.

T1 I was shaky and sat on the ground while my nutrition started to work and to get my shoes on.

Then I was off on the bike. Coach Jen was yelling at me to get out on my bike I was in T1 for 5:08.

Biking I felt good and the mental game was in full gear as I went up those hills. I kept saying I can do this and use those muscles you built up and use #allthegears! Though my bike time wasn't fast compared to some for me I was happy.

T2 I was much quicker. And I got out on the run. I again had to pull out my mental toughness game. Physically I knew I could do it. It was my thinking that I had to get past. The voice that said "you can stop" and "you're tired and its raining" had to be silenced. And then a much louder voice said "this is easy, you do this run all the time, it's just an hour". And then before I knew it there was just 1 mile left.

I told my body and especially my legs that if they got me to the finish line I would give them a week of rest. I was so happy and proud of myself as I crossed the finish line!

My coach and friend Jennifer Borovica told me I could do it and now I know she was right!

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