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Newb Raises the Bar Higher

A common statement I'll make in most of these posts will be that when C-19 hit the race scene in 2020 the focus shifted. My household came to pretty immediate stop the beginning of March with Covid running through my household for the better part of two weeks. My wife ran 18 miles one day, two days later she was down for the count for teetering on a fever worthy of hospitaliztion among other symptoms. We all reset our baseline from that week onward in 2020. My focus became one of shifting the focus of my workouts to bringing up some others in my close circle in the year to come and push along with my training and new swim buddy that was also a relative newbie to the sport.

Dale came out to a bi-weekly group ride I set  up with alternative routes of 13 - 35 miles during Tuesday and Thursday. He was quiet and reserved, but as we triathletes commonly are - I could tell he was motivated. As I started to throw out these pop-up workouts (with a safe place for new athletes to come and not be left in the dust) more people came to these "events" and the organic growth of comraderie and pushing one another worked into the evenings. Dale mentioned he wanted to do an Olympic distance this year in 2020. Say no more. I set a date.

We are out here in a bit of a rural setting SSE of Cleveland and we have to do with our lakes and sketchy roads. We would utilize a local lake at Guilford State Park as our start and finish. Perfect for a 3 man tri on a given weekend.

We swam our distance and then went to work navigating the ride for Dale and then encouraging him through his run portion. It wasn't fast or pretty, it was hot, and there was some pissing and moaning out there, but he perservered and the energy of accomplishment was real when he ran that parking lot finish like it was an IM red carpet dotted with goose feces.

Mission accomplished - another person hits a PB.


[New PB finisher photo included/]

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