Cleveland Triathlon Club

Another weekend, another olympic

More Covid adaptability brings out the gang for another training round

I threw this day together for our local crew with a little flexibility to include everyone. The "Come As You Are Day" as I titled gave the locals a good block to train with following an easy 8.5mi bike loop and self made run with an opening OWS.

A better crowd than I expected came out for various parts and pieces of the day dictated by injury, family obligations, and general malaize caused by Covid. As loose as this "race" was planned we all did a variety of swims before hitting the bike. Those of us doing the complete legs ended with about 2000 yards which was 3 laps of the beach buoys.

After exiting the swim to our parking lot transition area there were a number of folks that come out to bike and see us "racers" out to the road. I'm not gonna lie, I felt pretty good on the bike and put down my best 40k time this year. My swim buddy also threw down a PB for 40k on his road bike which he complains about often due to his tri rig being out of commision at the moment.

The run was hot as hades and during the later portion of baking in the sun, I was glad Musselman was happening right then. But we all made our way through the 10k and crossed off another awesome block and olympic race.

The canopy I set up in the morning, thinking it was total waste of time that will go unused, was probably the best part of the day. By this time shade was a premium and we stuffed into the shade to "cool down" in the mid-90 degree heat.

Two observations of the day:

1. I'm having a blast this summer after accepting the state of affairs in 2020.

2. The biggest I've been missing about races is transition areas. They are the social scene, the eye candy (bikes and bods!), and the nucleus of the organized race. I can't wait to drool over nice bikes and hear the beep of a transition mat year.



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