Cleveland Triathlon Club

Towpath Half: Good early season warmup

Nice and flat, but narrow and sometimes crowded

With the first quarter mile downhill, this course really encourages you to go out hot. I kept pulling back but I was still nearly 4 miles in before I finally got down to my target pace.

The next 3 miles felt like an easy run, until the turnaround turned the tailwind into a stiff headwind for the entire last 6. I had to put my hood up because it was turning into a parachute. (Did I mention it was freaking cold? 39F, felt like mid-20s)

I started feeling a hotspot in the last half, and by 10 I was pretty sure I had a blister under the ball of my foot. Without that maybe I'd have broken 2hr, but this just gives me more room for improvement at my next one.

Great event, great support, great finish area. But not nearly enough parking. If I do this one again I'm showing up way earlier so we don't have a mile walk from the overflow lot to the start.

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