Cleveland Triathlon Club

2018 Rite Aid CLE 13.1

Sub- 2 hour finish, typical CLE weather

As per usual for this race...the weather *sigh*...
Forecast called for cool temperatures (low 60s) and overcast/cloudy conditions....I guess the meteorologists were correct with the temp...and we were clearly in a CLOUD! Weather app said foggy...but left for the race and it was foggy and raining (drizzle).
The drizzle held up for 2/3 of the race, and the route had standing water in some spots. Definitely dodging and weaving down Euclid following a crowded start line in the C/D corral.

Once things started...felt good and was keeping ~8:30/mi pace. stopped in the flats for a short fluid overload break and kept moving.
AM nutrition did well until ~mile 7 when I was starting to feel a little slow, fortunately the Gel station was soon after that. Mentally I started to fade between the energy and I felt a hot spot starting on the feet ~mile 8/9ish likely from the wet shoes/socks. Paused to stretch out the calves during miles 11 and 12 due to tightness and not wanting to repeat the mile 12 soleus strain from last year. Caught the 2:00 pack around mile 12 and ground out the 1:58:33 finish. Sub-2 finish I was happy with considering coming back from lower leg strains earlier this year in training initially for the full and not having run >6 miles at a time in the previous 2.5 months. Next race...Escape Philly!

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