Cleveland Triathlon Club

Hardest & most breathtaking (literally) race

Signed up for this race for a new challenge & to have a vacation in Utah. Race morning was cold - about mid 40's & breezy. RD said it would start to get warm about 11am -- but it was more like 10am. In years past, this race was Father's Day weekend, however, it got to be too hot & so they moved the race up. The scenery was great! I attempted to look up as much as I could to see everything around me. My nutrition was on point -- but my hands swelled at mile 8 and never went down until after the race. A medic at an aid station said it was due to the elevation. The elevation of this race was no joke! Starting in the 7000 & going up over 9000 -- but I had no issues breathing. There was a total of over 6000 in elevation gain! I hiked more than I ran & wasn't the only one in that same boat! My knee started to hurt by mile 20 (or maybe sooner) -- but I kept things conservative the whole way. The race ended up being 33 miles! The cut off was 11 hours -- which I was ahead of that by over 30 mins :) Later I learned that after the RD looked at the miles & the feedback from racers, the cut off was moved to 12 hours -- but after the race was already over. Enjoyed this race so much! nice change of scenery & the other trail racers were so nice & supportive

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