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Maumee Bay OLY summary

I had a very respectable swim and bike and true to form, faded on the run

2018 Maumee Bay OLY was my second time at Maumee Bay and first year as a CTC club member.  It's unbelievably helpful to see so many CTC members out on course, and the HFP race management is always very good.

The day started well in that I had 7 hours of solid sleep which for me is very unusual as nerves can keep me up on the night before a race. All other pre-race rituals were spot on as I packed my bag the afternoon before and also had my food plan ready to go (always go with oatmeal two hours before race time, and then banana and slice of rasin bread 1 hour before). Given the heat I was drinking fluids 3 days out and was pretty well hydrated pre race despite hanging out in a wetsuit for 20 minutes.

This is my first year of serious swim coaching and training, as I've been swimming twice per week with Liquid N' Durance and would recommend the team swim preparation given the support and high performance atmosphere. While I posted the same time as 2016 (a little over 29 minutes) I also swam the distance in 100 less more effiicent in the swim.

Maumee bike course is very flat so 18 1/2 miles/hour is par for the course for me.

Then the run! Oh boy. I know many people had trouble in the heat but my run is a traditional weak spot. I've done 20 OLY's in the past 7 years and have only gotten under 3 hours (my holy grail) three times. So like the swim this year in trying new things, I need to make changes to get my run under an hour. Vermillion and Portage Lakes here I come!


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