Cleveland Triathlon Club

Running through hell!!

 Other than shrugging off a little seaweed this year's swim was very pleasant. Water was a perfect temperature and I finished in under 30 minutes which was a PR. Bike was a blast because I got to race on my new Cervelo P2 for the first time! I finished in 1:08 which was also a PR! But then came the run with 90 degree temp. I drank quite a bit on the bike and continued to drink at every aid station. I didn't feel great, but I was fortunate to be in better shape than many others. When I passed Eric Gibb at the 5 mile rest station I thought, "Hey!  I've never passed Gibb in a race! Maybe I have a shot at the podium today." I crossed the finish line with a 50:24 run which was not even close to a PR but overall time was 2:30! 2 minutes faster than my previous PR. But when I ran the2:32 that only put me at 7th place in AG 3 years ago. This year due to the heat 2:30 was good enough for a 3rdplaceAG.

Having so many CTC members cheering us on was phenomenal!! It gave me that extra little boost to keep on going. So thank you CTC!!

Also, it was so great to see my friend Rick Manella finish his first Olympic Triathalon!! Great job Rick! And great job to everyone else who raced on such a brutally hot day!! You"re all awesome!!


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