Cleveland Triathlon Club

TTT race #2, Olympic

June 03, 2019 - First look at the hills we'd get to know very well over the next 36 h.

 Saturday morning  was the first olympic distance race of the day. Knowing this was the first of two races for the day, I planned to take it relatively easy. The lake was calm and flat for the swim. Water temperature was 76, so wetsuit was a no brainer for me. I exited the swim in 25 min, some 3-4 min behind the leaders. Out on the bike, I quickly realized I better get used to shifting gears. The 25 mile bike course was relentless up and down with practically no time to find a groove between crawling up and bombing down hills. I rode pretty strnog, catching a number of the faster swimmers, and finished the bike in 1:19:04 for a pace of 18.9 mph/top 5 overall bike split. I transitioned to the run, and the legs felt surprisingly well after all the climbing. Again, I wasnt sure how to pace the run, so just went by feel. The first 1.2 miles is all uphill, then gradual rolling up/down terrain after that all the way to the finish. I managed an average pace of 6:34 for the 10 Km between the uphillas and down hills. Finished 6th overall for TTT race #2.

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