MiltonMan Triathlons this weekend

The MiltonMan triathlons are serving two purposes this year.  First this is the CTC race that we want to see many members attend.  Why?  Because this serves the second purpose of having a club race local.....SUPPORT THE LOCAL RACE DIRECTORS.  Local race directors work hard so we can play hard.  show some love and get to MiltonMan.  A group will be gathering at Dos Coronas in Ravenna post race.   Check out the Facebook Event.

July at home tri camp

With the long weekend come long training.  The 4th of July At Home Tri Camp returns with several training/racing opportunities in addition to the current list of options.  The At Home Tri Camp is so awesome it has it's own page on theCTC website. Check out the fun options and become and EmeraldMan....or Woman.

​Training Opportunities page has been updated.

Sorry it took so long but hey....everyone else is training and the webmaster can't be left behind.  Check out the long list of training options on the Training Opportunities Page.


MiltonMan Triathlons - June 28th - Club Race


Tri bug NewsLetter and Member Profile

The quarterly Tri Bug is now available for your reading pleasure.  You should also be getting to know the members of the club with the monthly member this months CTC newbie Jane Johnston.  Check out the latest club information---------->>>>>>>>>>

Training, Training & More Training

Please note the training schedule is constantly changing just like the weather in Cleveland.  A full schedule is available on theTraining & Racing Page.  Continue to monitor theClub's Facebook page  for event details.

​We are CTC, Who are You?

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